Tile Map Editor / Generator (Unity 3D)


I’am preparing to create a tile based strategy game with Unity so I decided to create a Map Editor using Unity Editor Scripts. I’m planning to implement a lot of cool stuff, for example: combine mesh, use static, editor for creating/editing map, class to use map, etc.


I’ll share my code someday later.

part 2
New Editor (part 3)

Andrius Kuznecovas

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6 Responses

  1. jrs0ul says:

    So this script basically creates a bunch of textured quads using your txt file, right ?

  2. Profas says:

    Yes. Also I’m working on the visual editor to create a map and generate that txt file.

  3. Zarax says:

    And now, can you share your code ? I’m trying to create a tile based game with unity and u scrip is exactly what i need.

  4. Mode says:

    Moki gal su C++ ir DirectX dirbt? As sedziu biski ant idejos siuo metu. Pats esu daugiau coderis, nei dizaineris.
    Jei ka – mail to modestas3d@gmail.com su skilais savo ;]

    P.S.: manau geriausi geimai yra kai visa interfeisa pats susikuri ir aprasai interfeisus. Maziausiai lago buna ir greiciau suka viskas. Plius rekomenduociau directx – sitas arciau HW nei openGL tad biski greitesnis ;]

  5. HI

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    i would like to say thank you about this cool post & your Decent a siteā€¦.
    thank you!

  6. Zia says:

    The first time I opened the A* Pathfinding Project (3663) in unity. It had all of the asstes and example projects. Although, I decided to delete everything and redownload it because I changed some settings and wasnt sure if it was ok. When I redownload it, its missing the example projects and alot of scripts. What should I do?

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