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From nowhere, I have decided to create a very simple game using Webcam and C#. Now I have spent few days trying to make my mac webcam work on desktop parallels + visual studio and writing some filters. I have an idea to manipulate your game player using only your hand. So I have created (a little bit crapy though) application that recognizes your hand that is in a white glove and repaints it in to another window.


Andrius Kuznecovas

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  1. omar says:

    it’s a very usfull thing espicialy for me , i have a school project requiers programing and a webcam , if you can give me the code for displaying a webcam on a form ,thank you and i really need your help and i’ll be thankfull . if you wanna help me connect whith me by the E-mail.

    i’m Omar Igbaria
    E-mail :

  2. osman says:

    ı have school project like your project can you send your source file or project code for me pls thanks for your atention

  3. Mah Yeng Yeng says:

    Hi, I’m Kelly. I’m currently doing some sort of project which require the functional of webcamera. It will be grateful if you can send me your source file of your project please, I really need your help. my email is

    Thank you for your attention

  4. bhavesh says:

    Hi, I’m Bhavesh. I want to implement this functionality in my project. I will be thankful if you please send me your source file of your project please. my email is

    Thank you ,

  5. Vinod says:

    Hello, I am Vinod. I am doing an object detection project for civilian application(Lane crossing).
    can you send me the source file. my email address is

  6. mmn321 says:

    Hello, your project is exactly what I need to get started on my own webcam capture. I would appreciate very much if you can send me the source code Thank you

  7. leolewan says:

    Hi, nice job. I am currently working with reactivision and processing for a personal multimedia project and i´d appreciate to check it out your code if its not a problem to send it to me. Thanks

  8. Leon says:

    Hi, i would like to know how you make it, i really need it. Could you help me, and send to me the project??

    Thank you so much.

    Best Regards.

    My mail is

  9. rdp says:

    I have school project, like your project, can you send your source file or project code for me pls thanks for your atention.

  10. Muna says:

    Well, I guess I could settle with a good one, and dedice if the price is worth the quality. I just see a lot of nice videos with great video feeds and then when I try it out on my webcam, the fuzzy graphics and slow refresh rates are disappointing.

  11. fanaticogx says:

    Dear Mr. Kuznecovas,

    I would appreciate very much if you can send me the source code.

    Thank you in advance.

    My email address is


    Respetado Sr. Kuznecovas,

    Apreciaría mucho si Ud. me puede enviar el código fuente.

    De antemano muchas gracias,

    Mi correo electrónico es

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