proTile Map Editor 2 – released

Hello all
I want to announce the major proTile Map Editor 2 release is now live on the Asset Store.
Video Presentation (better to watch on youtube with fullscreen and 1080px60)
Screen Shots
Main Features
– Different brushes – mass placement, all snap, paint.
– Objects of any size – snap any tiles anywhere.
– Runtime support – Create runtime building games, full API for customisation.
– Tile-Connections – connect roads, walls and similar automatically.
– Custom Patterns – build once, place multiple times.
– Performance and size optimizations – combines meshes, reduces size for you.
– Layers – will help you to manage your maps.
– Easy to load and use – load maps in the editor, at runtime or stream dynamically.
– Procedural support – generate maps from code.
– Tile randomizer – Auto tile and rotation randomization.
– Different camera setups – Fits different 3D/2D type of games.
– Editor for easy tile setup – categorise your tiles.
– All platform support.
– Open source, examples, documentation and much more!
(Supports Unity 4.6+ and Unity 5)
Enjoy. 🙂
Also I want to thank you all the beta group that helped this release happen.

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